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January 3, 2012

This was a super fun day after Christmas session.  I love their clothes, precious personalities, and they are beautiful too!  It was way to easy.  I literally could have snapped all day!

Christmas is my favorite time of year.  Everyone is so busy, working hard so they can exhale on Christmas Day.  That is the best feeling in the world.  Celebrating family and friends and the birth of a sweet baby who grew to be our Savior!  Here are some of the families that allowed me to celebrate with them over the holidays.  I am blessed!

Sweet brothers beaming…It’s almost Christmas!

Best Buddies Snuggling!A Sandy White Christmas~

Working so hard to get the perfect picture!  It can be so tiring!

Twin Sisters are my fave!

Sweet family sessions…

A South Carolina White Christmas!

Lighting up the Holidays!

Welcoming new little joys into the world!

Creating Memories, Old and New…

Giving and Accepting Gracious Love…

Sharing Holiday Hugs…

Holiday Spirit..

Making a joyful noise!

Happy Holidays for families big and small…

Happy Halloween…Sometimes it’s just practical to combine sessions!  I thought these were too cute to leave out and this one actually made their card!

Peace on Earth!

New Christmas!

Big Family Christmas!

Sweet First Christmas!

Best Friend Christmas!

Down Home Christmas!

Surprise your kids Christmas!

An All Boy Christmas!

A New House for Christmas!

Surprise Mommy Christmas!

A Happy Family Christmas!

Beach Baby Christmas!

A Gamecock Christmas!

A Sweet Family Christmas!

A Beautiful Blonde Christmas…

A Where’s Santa Christmas!

An I Heart Santa Christmas!

My Boys…the best Christmas gifts ever!

A Mama Doll Christmas is the best!

Celebrate Christmas!

My favorite angels!

My Sweet Baby Boy made Christmas so much fun!